These are my currently released titles, all available on Amazon worldwide. Search in your country’s store, or click on any of the covers for more detailed information and reviews.

If you want a sample of any of the titles, or wish to apply for a free review copy, please Contact me via this form, or any of my social media profiles. Equally, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, I’d love to hear from you.

My Amazon Author Central Profiles:

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The Romantic Disentanglement of Us is perhaps best classed as contemporary literary or women’s fiction. It is a decidedly more grown up tale than that of the Mossrites, and has been a real change of pace for me as an author. It charts the steady demise of romance as relationships, and those in them, age. The book, as with all my tales, rests on an underlying theme of love, but this time I have explored what it means to live without it, to fight against it, and to find acceptance in a different kind of happy ever after.

Click on the cover for more detailed information and reviews.



The World of Wickham Mossrite was my first published full length novel, the first in a series of five about the most unconventional of families, who dare to think a little bit differently. Wickham is a gentle-giant nature boy; imagine muddy (bare) feet, unruly hair, and a barrel of boy-smiles in between. These are tales of compassionate, conscious living – expect natural/attachment parenting, unschooling (a form of home education), a dose of natural medicine / diets, recycling, corduroys and tie-dye.

Perhaps a handbook for the new crunchy generation?

Click on the cover to find out more.

The Family Bed - JLMorse _ Ed2 Cover_Kindle Look Inside


The Family Bed was the first poem I have published, and I am proud to say that it has twice topped the Amazon UK Parenting category (and top five in the USA).

It is a gentle tale about co-sleeping; a personal god-send to our family. It explores the ups and downs of why you might choose to take baby into your bed, and safe guidelines for doing so, should you choose to. It is currently in development to be made into a fully illustrated bedtime book, and would be the perfect gift for a baby-shower basket 😉

Again, click to read reviews and for more information.


I’m really proud to have edited and produced this fantastic non-fiction on parenting from a dad’s perspective. Just after its release, on Father’s Day 2015 (June 21st) it was the #1 Parenting and #1 Family & Relationships book on Amazon UK, and #1 Fatherhood book on Amazon USA. The Empathic Father is written by dad of three, Torsten Klaus, who is one of the most involved, down-to-earth, and compassionate fathers I have had the pleasure of knowing (other than my dear husband, obviously). He has written for the Huffpost and other major platforms, been featured on the BBC, and is the founder of dadstalkcommunity.org

This book speaks truly from the heart, and it was a pleasure to have helped bring Torsten’s words into physical print.

There’s more information for you, and links to Torsten’s blog by clicking on the cover.


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