For my first collaborative editorial commission, I’m really proud to have edited, formatted and produced this fantastic non-fiction on parenting from a dad’s perspective.

Just after its release, on Father’s Day 2015 (June 21st) it was the #1 Parenting and #1 Family & Relationships book on Amazon UK, and #1 Fatherhood book on Amazon USA.

theempathicfather6x901front-page-001The Empathic Father is written by dad of three, Torsten Klaus, who is one of the most involved, down-to-earth, and compassionate fathers I have had the pleasure of knowing (other than my dear husband, obviously). He has written for the Huffpost and other major platforms, been featured on the BBC, and is the founder of

This book speaks truly from the heart, and it was a pleasure to have helped bring Torsten’s words into physical print.

There’s more information for you, and links to Torsten’s blog by clicking on the cover.