The Family Bed – A Poem

The Family Bed is a sweet little poem I wrote about the benefits of cosleeping; such a simple parenting concept, which has brought so much joy and harmony to our family.

The Family Bed - Cover 2 - 2016It has twice hit the Amazon Bestseller lists in the UK and USA, topping the Parenting, Babies & Toddlers and Sleep categories. #Humble #Gratitude

I’ve been lucky enough to get some lovely reviews from very kind readers (other than my Mum) – Pop to Amazon UK to read them.

My aim for 2016 is to turn this proven seller into a proper picture book (currently e-book only)… So, illustrators – get in touch!! The book includes safe cosleeping (bedsharing) guidelines and links to parenting authors who helped me early in my journey. I would love to expand and update this list – let me know in the comments who has really helped your family with baby bedtimes!

For now, you can get your copy on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, or your country’s store (just search “JL Morse The Family Bed”)

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