A part of the submission process that so many authors dread, writing a professional-grade one page (or 1000 word) synopsis is a requirement for agents and publishers alike.

However, we often become so close to our stories that distilling it into a single page of highlights becomes unfathomable. As part of my Perfect Your Pitch package (or a standalone element), having someone external to your story write your synopsis, can present your manuscript in the best possible light for submission.

Having a professional summary of your work written also spotlights what readers find most exciting or engaging within your story, or which areas may need the most development.

If you have been sending your enquiry (cover letter, synopsis and often first three chapters) to agents or publishers, and haven’t been getting further than a firm “thanks but no thanks”, improving your pitch is a must.

Why should agents pick your story from the thousands received each year? Very few query-readers go on to request full manuscripts; with a talent list already making them money, taking a chance on a speculative author will only happen with the most credible presentations.


Whilst I can’t guarantee that you are pitching to the right agent/publisher (although, I can help you in your search), having a top notch query letter and synopsis will significantly enhance the chance of your first three chapters given full consideration – and the rest is up to your story (a full pre-submission development edit is proven to give this the best possible chance).

Synopsis writing is actually one of my most requested services, and can be turned around in just approximately 10 to 15 days.

If at this stage significant plot holes or structural deficiencies are found, I will contact you in advance of completion of the report to discuss how to best proceed. This is a key fail safe that my repeat customers have come to rely upon – and many use my development edit services to help fill these holes, before I then finish the synopsis work.

For others, having a “State of the Nation” report is a really useful tool to give fresh perspective and impetus to re-drafting or polishing work prior to self-publishing or finding appropriate distribution channels.

Some agents require one-page (often U.S.A) or two-page (often U.K.) or specific guidelines such as no more than 1000 words long. We will agree via email what your requirements are for my service, based upon the kind of synopsis you require as determined by your target market.

My fee is calculated in relation to the length / complexity of the manuscript. For example, the entire work will need to be read in detail, and the time it takes to write the synopsis may exceed reading time (e.g. a 300 page book equates to at least 15 hours work). The fee is payable in advance via PayPal (to afford us both third-party protection), and is benchmarked to industry standards.

For fiction manuscripts, guideline pricing is:

Fiction up to 60,000 words £100
Fiction 60,000 to 100,000 words £150
Fiction 100,000 to 200,000 words £200

Non-fiction may require higher complexity, and depends on whether the work is fully completed (submissions tend to be an outline proposal, and a more detailed biography of why you as the author are best poised to write the project). I am happy to discuss your needs individually.

All manuscripts for the Synopsis Writing service need to be sent in a .doc/.docx Microsoft Word document (or .pdf Adobe file). I am happy to further discuss editing, proof reading, or formatting/presentation issues should this be required.

Please Contact Me today via the form below to discuss how I can help you Perfect Your Pitch, and create a winning synopsis for your submissions.