I am currently open to freelance editorial commissions, and other more collaborative opportunities. Please contact me if you would like access to my complete portfolio, or think we would be a good creative match.

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Publishing is a rapidly changing industry. Since the ebook boom, where readers can get your book on their phones with a single click, there are close to half a million novels self published annually. Digital content has exploded – despite it never being easier to get your words into the world, getting people to pay attention is harder than ever.

Your content needs to be top notch. Spelling, formatting, cover-art… get any element wrong and your reader will be on to the next funny cat video. Getting the basics right will propel your chances of readers discovering you, loving your work, and coming back for more.

Traditional publishing is becoming even more competitive, with the big houses less willing to take a chance on undiscovered authors – especially those needing extensive development work. If you want an agent or publisher to take notice, your project needs to be as close to a marketable project as possible. That’s where a good development editor can really pay dividends.

As authors, we spend months or years so close to our words that we can’t often see the mistakes anymore. A professional editor is a fresh pair of eyes, able to take your manuscript to the next level, and you closer to being a profitable author. Having a skilled outsider on your team can significantly enhance your material before submission (either trad or indie), whether you need a basic proof read, libel checks, structural line or full development edits.

Why Choose Me as Your Editor

Professional author and freelance editor for the last decade – both traditionally and independently published

Author of three novels, numerous short stories/poems and articles both online and in print magazines

I offer a trial edit of a section of your work, so you can sample my work before committing to larger projects. I always offer a three-tier pricing schedule, to suit your requirement and, most importantly, your budget

  • I am a native British English speaker, with a Masters Degree (MSC) in Organisation Analysis and BSC Hons Business Management from Kings’ College London, where I also wrote/edited for international academic journals.
  • Previous aerospace commercial contractual manager responsible for development and presentation of multi-million pound contracts – attention to detail mattered! I will treat your work just as professionally and responsibly. I am also used to the importance of deadlines.
  • Professionally Ghost written for a significant number of other authors (I contractually can’t tell you their titles, or I’d have to kill you)
  • I’ve been both editor and edited, so can provide direct, constructive feedback in a way that’s easy to understand and benefit from. I have done business and lifestyle coaching, and passionately believe in helping people discover their purpose, and retaining their unique voice.
  • I’m a working mum. I understand how your manuscript becomes your baby, but also how fitting in your dream of becoming an author around a family takes real dedication and commitment. I also offer an accountability partner program to keep you on track and moving towards your goals.
  • I commit to a transparent process: I will always give you an anticipated turn around time, and a direct line of communication to check on progress (rather than agents and publishers who are notorious for leaving you in the dark). Completion time shall be mutually agreed before commencement of work, and all payment is via PayPal, so we are both protected.
  • I provide a non-disclosure agreement and statement of your ownership of copyright upon receipt of your work, so if in the future you find your bestselling words plagiarized online, you can guarantee it was not my doing.
  • I promise to stay affordable. I always offer three pricing options for work – the Primark, M&S and Gucci versions, if you will. I won’t upsell – I hope my work for you speaks for itself, and you write more, and use me again. And tell your friends.

Notable Work

  • I provided full end to end development services for a first time non-fiction author, from line editing, full formatting, constructive structure feedback, kindle and print publishing and online management. This parenting book was #1 in Parenting and Fatherhood categories in the Amazon UK and USA charts on its release on Fathers’ Day 2015.
  • My first novel is currently receiving consistent five star reviews on Amazon. It is part of a five book series, which I am working on between children and editorial commissions.
  • My first self-published poem, The Family Bed, has three times topped the Kindle charts in the UK and USA in multiple categories.
  • I have worked with a range of authors and genres, including those for whom English was not their first language. I provide copy-writing services to a range of websites and online magazines. I provide fiction and non-fiction advice across most genres.

Click for more details on each of the types of editing services I can offer you:

Copy Editing

Editorial Critique

Developmental Edit


Synopsis Creation

Pitch Perfect Package

Please contact me via email jlmorse99@gmail.com or any of the following social media channels in order to discuss your needs, and how I can help you make your creative dreams a reality.