The industry standard for screenplay feedback, I offer both a basic and full coverage report service, for television, film or stage-play scripts, and also your fiction or non-fiction manuscript.

You will receive full feedback on your piece. Contact me at for examples of previously supplied coverage reports. The below image is an industry example blank form for your immediate reference:

Sample Coverage Template - ScreenplayScripts com


Template from – although I am happy to adapt the report to specific areas you wish to receive feedback on, or include direct questions you may have about the script/novel.

Coverage is the report that agents’ or publishers’ readers will provide to their up-line manager when assessing your submissions. Seeking additional pre-submission coverage is recommended, especially for speculative submissions or new authors, in order to assess likelihood of passing that magical first cut. It can offer practical and direct feedback, improving your chances of your work reaching the right people.

I will give you a scaled feedback on the quality of your premise, plotting, main characters, dialogue, setting, overall pacing and marketability. Of course, opinions are subjective – but there are key industry markers that professional readers look for in their reviews, such as pacing of Act plot points, engagement of inciting incident, and ability to write to genre/market. If none of that made sense, definitely email me for details on my structural coaching program.