JL Morse PolaroidPerhaps like many authors, this is the part of the process I find the hardest. Not crafting characters and capturing images into words, but actually talking about myself.

I appreciate you stopping by to find out.

I’m a mother of three, and wife of one. My husband and I both came from corporate backgrounds, although I shudder at the memory – I am officially a born-again hippy. When we started our family eight years ago, there was little question that I would become a full time stay-at-home parent. Being a mother permeates everything I do, and it is from this kernel of truth and utter love for them that our journey down the road-less-travelled started.

Pregnancy and early motherhood inevitably elevated questions of diet and creating a supportive environment, schooling, parenting ethos, and aspirations for these independent (fiercely so) souls. For us, this meant choosing a plant-based diet (veg*n), eclectic unschooling, attachment parenting and a whole lot more.

In searching for role models and fairytales about those living our kind of life, my love of writing was rekindled; where were the ‘people like us’ in literature? If, like me, you are a little bit crunchy, I hope you might find something to relate to in my series Tales of a Blue Sky Thinking Family – which kicks off with The World of Wickham Mossrite.

It’s amazing how the books are mirroring (or even predicting) aspects of our journey – Papa Mossrite had dreams of his Great Escape from the rat race long before my husband was given the delightful opportunity to take redundancy/early retirement, and join me for these early years of our children to both be full time at home. Together, we are reevaluating years of social conditioning about what happiness means, and I consider this to be a major theme throughout all my writing.

Discover your passions and live them fully.

For me, my delicious babies will always be first. Then, in the moments when they are all safely asleep, and I can relive our best-bits by writing them all down.  I’d love to hear what does it for you –  we might even be able to work together to turn your passion project into a reality.

I hope there’s a character in each of my tales which speaks directly to you. Each of them are saying, “Do what you Love.”


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