The Romantic Disentanglement of Us – A Novel

This is the story of Us. What we used to be. Perhaps, what we never were.

One never having experienced the neurotic disintegration of dysfunctional love has never experienced love at all. I know this now.

What happens when intertwined lives, such as ours, begin to unravel? Bare hearts, focused. Raw. Not hearts and flowers, we are long past that. She’s made certain of it. She is leaving me, it’s only a matter of when.

This is the story of she and me. No longer, Us.

The Romantic Disentanglement of Us is a gross anatomy of an overdue break up. The final frustration of a less than civil partnership. A lesson in love gone cold, contempt and contentment. Love stories start at the beginning. This is the story of the beginning of the end, and what happens next.


Pre-Sale Reviews:

The Romantic Disentanglement of Us details the disintegration of a long-term relationship, via respective (often unreliable and surprising) narratives. It is not your conventional romance, but a tale of love gone cold; of contempt, bitterness, and questioning what it really means to be looking for, or losing, a partner in life.

A probing discourse on the nature of human relationships, this novel blends quantum physics, philosophy and social commentary in a tale of what happens when we lose ourselves to someone else, and how we can start to find ourselves again.”

…”The Romantic Disentanglement of Us is not your usual romance. It is about the steady tumbling descent of a long-term relationship. The sharply drawn characters are erudite, relatable, and often acerbic, using wide literary context and quantum physics to elucidate on the many dimensions of the central theme, love; what it means to find it, lose it and live without it. This is not a hearts and flowers romance, but is redemptive and rancorous alike.”

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UPDATE: I am so pleased to be able to say that on 5th July 2015, TRDOU hit #1 Literary Romance, Contemporary and Women’s Literature Bestseller on Amazon UK and #2 on Amazon USA. Thank you.

Amazon Reviews (Neither of which are from my Mum):

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on 12 August 2015
This is one of those books that can hit a nerve in an uncanny way. I found myself sucking air through my teeth at the recognition of me and my past relationships in there.

It is an interesting take to start a story at the end of a relationships and document what happens next. So few books I have read actually do that, Kramer Vs Kramer possibly…. but this story has it’s own story….if you know what I mean?

A great book for any commitment-phobes like me out there!

on 16 July 2015
A wonderfully wordy read. The feelings of each party as the relationship starts to fall apart make for a thought provoking read. At first I wasn’t sure of the identity of the other party , then I guessed and then changed my mind again ,which was part of the intrigue. Worth reading but don’t expect a plot line or a story but more a full immersion into each party’s emotions and insecurities.

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