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Welcome to the infoblurb about my 2016 Happiness Project…

… Introducing New Day Resolutions

After years of made and abandoned New Year’s Resolutions, this 1st January I decided to launch something a little different.

Why wait for New Year’s Day for a New You?

If new habits are truly meant to stick, they are meant to seamlessly integrate into, and improve upon, our every day lives. Every. Day.

Hence, //New Day

Three children in five years left a gap in my writing habit I want to address. I also have learned an awful lot about what adds up to happiness in my life, and what subtracts from it. NDRSimpleHappy is my version of happiness curation – tips and tricks from the weird corners of the bloggisphere which have genuinely made a difference in my life.

Not an impossible list of mandates, or a reading requirement longer than your arm. One daily post it note, lots of links, and a dash of love poured on top.

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If you’d like to follow along, or even share your favourite tips to get to Happy, I’d love to hear from you.

Here are the links

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